28th May 2018

Dark Horse

The film The Dark Horse is directed by James Napier Robertson. Robertson uses film techniques like high angle, close up, mid shot and over the shoulder to show the perspective of what life in a gang looks likes. The use of these film techniques shows how violence is the last refuge for incompetents. Using dark and light scenes shows the mood. Usually, violence is portrayed with dark lighting,  light is used when the kids are playing chess. Robertson also uses profanity to show that Mana is in a violent setting.

Robertson’s use of dialogue reflects the violence in Mana’s life. His use of profanity makes a scene effective by making you feel what it is like in that situation. Use of words like “fuck you mother fucker” and “with the fucking patch now cuz”  shows how Mana’s is not in a good situation. This reminds me of when I’m on the farm with my cousins and one dog goes astray and all hell breaks loose and lots of profanity is used. However, when the gang is talking, swearing is an everyday language for them. It is part of that violent lifestyle.  The use of foul language shows that the gang members couldn’t communicate without violence. The swearing makes them look inferior.

Along with using profanity Robertson uses lighting to show the theme of violence. In my scene, lighting is used to set the mood of violence and add dramatic tones. When Genesis walks in to get Mana, the scene is dark and only lit by a select few hobo fires. This sets the mood of fear and intimidation. When Robertson uses low-key lighting it made me few worried scared f In contrast, when the Eastern Knights win the chess competition the scenes are light and full of energy. With the use of high key lighting, it makes me feel happy and uplifting and how they finally won, almost a sense of proud as I have watched them come from zero to hero.

When Mutt was shot, Robertson used a low angle to make him look powerful. However, when Genesis was filmed, a high angle shot was used to make him look weak. The unique way of editing and cutting by quick cuts from face to face allows you to see the other gang members. Because you can see them, you feel anxious for Genesis who is outnumbered. The use of this shows the tension within gang also between Mutt and Genesis.

The use of mid shots makes Genesis and Mutt look equal. Genesis used compassion to bring himself up. He brought Mutt into the equation by making it personal. He asks, “How many times have you been pissed on?” He knew this guy was incompetent. The over the shoulder shots had an effect that made me feel like I was a gang member watching this unfold. this showed that this is strong gang territory, but Genesis stood his ground and took Mana out of there.

This scene shows that people can get locked into some pretty gnarly places. Mana felt defeated. Mutt felt threatened. Genesis didn’t know what was going to happen. At the end, when Mutt went to get Mana, the gang turned against him. Genesis had changed their minds by standing up to Mutt using honour and courage. The scene also shows that it only takes one person to get out of a gnarly place. Genesis wouldn’t have helped Mana if he didn’t love him.

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