9th March 2018

Milking Before Dawn

  1. (A) the poet compares the cows to the rocks because they are shiny as a pit of wet rocks. also because the cows are not moving like a pit of rocks

(B) This comparison is a simile because it is comparing the cows to the rocks

  1. “The shed is an island of light and warmth” this metaphor is about how the shed is an amazing place for the cow by keeping them warm and dry.

3.the poet means that the history can be forgotten as easily as wiping away a child’s tears.

  1. because she likes being in nature compared to the busy life of the city.

5.Milking before dawn is poem by ruth dallas that is about a life of a farmer comparing herself to someone from the city. It is set in first person. The point of view is of how being a farmer is hard work but would never give it up to go to live in the city. There is no colloquial language in this poem. In this poem, their is also a lot of onomatopoeia and repetition.

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