`New Zealand’s social issue are shown through the eyes of young maori boys in the visual texts boy by taika Waititi and The Dark Horse by James Napier Robertson. Also in the texts hunt for the wilderpeople by barry crump and yellow brick road by witi Ihimaera. All these texts have shown gangs, violence and racial issues within new zealand. This shows how there is some real bad places in New Zealand and how privileged we are to live in a great place like Wanaka.

the character Mana in the dark horse has shows how gangs can take over a child’s. When mana gets called into the gang life he starts to loose his personality and start to become another gang member wanting to destroy everything. This is shown when mana is made to rob a person’s place. He is forced to join the gang by his dad. In the scene on the way to the place he is going to rob you can see he is made to hit the bong then handed the hammer. In the next scene you see the gang members walking into the house and mana. He walks in and goes straight to the for the room to grab the jewels then sees a kid. A young kid just sitting there scared and you see the mood change. The mood was dark then moved to show that there was hope for manas future.

In the visual text hunt for the wilderpeople it shows that you can turn you life around even after you have gone through hell. The main character ricky baker a troubled teenager getting tossed around from foster home to foster home. Until his aunty and uncle found him and took him under there arm. When ricky first gets dropped off at the farm uncle hec did not want him. Only aunty Bella really wanted him. However later on in the text uncle hec and ricky builds a relationship. Once ricky baker moves to the country he changes his life around from being a low life misfit. To being a kid that goes hard and respect life for all you can get out of it. And wants to help his uncle hec as much as he could.

The Yellow Brick Road by Witi Ihimaera, Matiu and his family are facing a major change in their lives. Matiu is very optimistic about the move but he doesn’t realize how bad the racism  that he and his family will face. Wellington is seen through Matiu’s eyes as “Emerald city” although Matiu is very positive about moving his thoughts suddenly change when he sees the signs along the roads heading towards Wellington but still tries to remain hopeful. “Why don’t they stop, dad?” “Were in a different country now son” this shows that how bad racism  is in new zealand. Even though Matiu’s father is warning him about Wellington but yet Matiu still remains confident that everything will be ok. This just show how lucky we are to be living in new zealand. And miss out on this racial issues that is wrong is worse places in

New Zealand.

In the Rubbish Tin by Apirana Taylor a character the main character is Phillipa. through the story you see her problems in her life and how her childish mind leads her away from the truth of abuse “I’m a fairy princess and you’re a magic bear” this portrays the imagination Phillipa uses to escape her troubles. Phillipa’s mother is an alcoholic and drug addict while her father Rolf is rarely seen and is abusive to her mother “There  chubby. That’s what you get. Just what dad does” this shows the reader that Phillipa’s parents actions are often reflected on her and through her mind it is normal because she knows no different.

In  conclusion i found that New Zealand has a lot of problem that are not spoken about a lot. From racial issues to gang violence to abuse. Many New Zealanders would never like to admit to these problems. But they do exist. As you can see in all these text they all show what is wrong with New Zealand’s lower class. We are very lucky that this does not happen in wanaka.

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